General Questions
  • How many campuses does Daystar have? What program does Daystar offer at each campus?
    1. Quanfa Campus:
    Bilingual Nursery Program: (1.5-3 years old)
    Bilingual Montessori Program (3-6 years old)
    Bilingual Kindergarten Program: (5-6 years old)
    2. Sanlitun Campus:
    Inquiry-Based Bilingual Elementary Program: Grade 1-5
    3. Beigao Campus
    IB PYP Bilingual Elementary Program: Kindergarten and Grade 1-5
    IB MYP Bilingual Program: Grade 6-10
    IB DP Program: Grade 11-12
  • What are the class sizes?
    20-22 students per class
  • What is Daystar's teacher to student ratio?
    Early Learning Center: 1:6 Elementary School: 1:6 Secondary School: 1:5
  • Where are the international teachers from?
    International teachers come from over 10 different countries, mainly in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore etc.
  • Which after school activities does Daystar offer?
    Daystar Academy runs extensive extracurricular opportunities through its DRAGON program (Depth, Rigor, Arts, Academics, Grit, Open- Mindedness, and Nurturing). It offers a variety of different activities per week over two seasons, with each season lasting approximately 15 weeks.
  • What are the school holidays?
    Daystar opens 182 school days in a year. Aside from the Chinese National Public holidays, other school holidays include: Summer Holiday (8 weeks), Winter Holliday (2 weeks), Chinese New Year Holiday(2 weeks),Spring Break (1 week)
  • What is Daystar's tuition fee?
    2021-22 school year tuition fee:
    Quanfa Campus (ELC): 190,000 RMB
    Sanlitun Campus (Elementary): 210,000 RMB
    Beigao Campus (Elementary): 210,000 RMB
    Beigao Campus (Secondary): 220,000 RMB
  • Is there a discount for siblings?
    A 10% sibling discount is offered to the second child and 15% discount to the third child.
About Admissions
  • Is there an application fee?
    Our application fee is 2,000 RMB which is non-refundable. Applications will not be processed until the application fee has been received.
  • Can a student apply to Beigao and Sanlitun campus at the same time?
    We suggest you choose only one campus to apply. Transferring between campuses can be considered based on parents’ requests and available openings after enrollment.
  • Can students enroll during the school year?
    Yes, if there are available openings.
  • What are the expectations for the entrance assessment?
    We understand that each student is a unique individual. We take into consideration students’ social and emotional readiness. The expectations for lower grade students are the ability to focus and follow instructions, as well as being able to get along with their peers. Aside from the aforementioned, academic excellence is also required for students in the upper grades. Grade 2 and above students need to have an interview and MAP tests.
  • Is Educational Student ID required?
    Incoming first grade students must be qualified to get Chaoyang Xueji (Educational Student ID). Students in second and above must have Xueji and is able to transfer Xueji to Daystar.
  • Does Daystar provide any scholarships?
    Daystar Academy offers exciting and enriching Scholarship Programs aimed at stretching and developing individual talent for the benefit of the whole community.
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